Our target beneficiaries

Presently we do provide support to:

  • Orphans and other less privileged children
  • Deprived women
  • Disabled persons
  • Needy youths
  • Needy Ebola affected people

With these beneficiaries, we are presently just operating in 3 districts within northern Sierra Leone (Bombali, Port Loko and Koinadugu) and we have so positively impacted the lives of the very few we have reached. Our future plans clearly defines that if we continue to access more resources, we would definitely ply into many communities and affect the lives of many more that are in dire need. Based on the support so far we have got from partner organizations and person(s), we have been able to sponsor 1,815 orphans/deprived children, 962 deprived youths,413 deprived women and 550 disabled persons.

Presently, we are providing support to 621 needy children, 162 disabled people, 135 deprived youths and 140 deprived women. And more proactively, with the outbreak of Ebola epidemic, we are providing psychosocial counseling and basic food stuffs to 700 people that have directly or indirectly being affected by the disease. There are actually many more in dire need but the available package that would allow us reach them has posed a major challenge. However with our present partners yet we will still continue to search for more sustainable findings relating different quarters.

Our future plans for our beneficiaries remain focused. Realizing the fact on first hand basis, we remain passionate on always seeking and providing better solutions that would augment living standards of needy people. More than 70% of Sierra Leoneans are experiencing extreme poverty and are not even guaranteed achieving decent living the next episode. That is the more reason why our support has always geared towards the poorest of the poor i.e that is those in definite need. Owing to this view, we remain passionate and resilience in partnering to provide lasting solutions with those that see the need.

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